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Why do they Single Out Sri Lanka for violation of Human rights ever since it eliminated a ruthless group of terrorists ?

In Sri Lanka we are never allowed,  by the International Community and its lackeys, to say that we have done with a problem  it is now over and go ahead  doing more essential things for the Country and the people.  

Elimination of Terrorism.

We eliminated four years ago  the  canker of terrorism that had been eating in to the flesh of our nation for 30 long years, but the International Community along with its palsied Agencies the Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, Amnesty International and Navi Pillai keep alive the cruel loathsome memories of terrorism, accusing us for its elimination .

But that elimination of terrorism we carried out within our own country without putting in peril the lives and property of the people of any other country. The Sri Lanka Armed Forces carried out military operations  against the terrorists without causing the least damage to property or lives of the Civilian population.  If there were civilian deaths it had been caused by  the terrorists who cared least for the deaths of the civilians, who instead  used the civilian population to ensure their own safety. 

These International Communities and their Agencies  who made their appearance  only after  the terrorists were eliminated to pick holes, and search evidence to accuse the Armed Forces for war crimes are only carrying out the demands of the  pro-terrorist Tamil expatriates, residing in their countries in large numbers who have become  a  useful vote bank for  those politicians  who promote their cause of discrediting Sri Lanka..

They do not for an instance take time to evaluate the war against the  evil of  terrorism in Sri Lanka as  against the terrorist  wars of the USA and their European Allies against the Talibans  in Afghanistan and Al Qaida in Iraq.  

Who have killed more civilians Sri Lanka Armed Forces or USA and its Allies ?  Why is it that  no one passes a resolution against the USA and its  Allies for continuous drone attacks, bombardments by NATO killing thousands of civilians, and killing of civilians by mentally deranged American Soldiers ?  Why is Navi Pillai  not asking the USA and its Western Allies for accountability ?

Why cannot India, who wants to be in the Company of the Western powers  even if they by their actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have shown to be greater criminals, stand up against the West and refuse to support their resolution against Sri Lanka which is only a means for USA and its allies  to cover their utter nakedness  of being  cowards and criminals ?

These shameless International Communities - the pseudo global policemen, should first put their own houses in Order before running to accuse Sri Lanka for eliminating terrorism without their help,  and which is   now  seriously engaged attending to solve social and economic  problems that  had been left unattended  during the period of terrorism, and develop the country as a whole. 

Take for instance the Prime Minister of Canada and his Foreign Minister, who ask the Commonwealth Heads of States to boycott the CHOGM for violation of Human Rights while the Canadian Aborigines  are accusing Stephen Harper’s Government for not granting basic human rights to the Aborigines who are still living in reserves under pitiable conditions in terms of  a racist Indian Act passed in 1876, which has still not been removed.

Then Great Britain and France which also berates  Sri Lanka for violation of Human rights, besides their unaccountable  civilian deaths in their wars in Afghanistan , Libya, Mali and so on, at home they are violating the rights of the Gypsy Community.  The European Human Rights Watch itself  had written as follows concerning this  inhuman  treatment of the Gypsy Community in UK, “…It is highly regrettable that it was not possible for the relevant local authority to find an acceptable solution, respectful of the rights of all parties involved.
“ Many of the 400 or so travellers evicted had returned to the area, either to the authorised part of the site, or parking their trailers and caravans along the roads leading to Dale Farm.
 As a result, they are currently exposed to health and safety hazards. Basildon Council has indicated that there is a possibility of further action to remove these persons from the area, without offering culturally acceptable housing alternatives…….”

France is not with out smears of violation of human rights.  A human rights watch report recently stated, “…In the past week, French authorities have raided makeshift camps inhabited by Gypsies, also known as Roma, in Lille, Lyon and Marseille and evicted them. According to Human Rights Watch, the French government flew 240 Romanian Gypsies back to Romania on a flight last week and gave them as much as €300 ($369) each.

The raids "appear to be just the latest manifestation of France's notorious expulsion policy targeting Eastern European Roma," said Veronika Szente Goldston, a director at Human Rights Watch.”

 Australia too has been accused of the violation of human rights of the Australian aborigines, by disowning them from their lands ".....dismantling of Aboriginal land rights so as to ensure free and unfettered access to Aboriginal lands by giant mining and pastoral companies. To justify this land grab, whole Aboriginal communities have been demonised as drunkards and paedophiles. This is a continuing story of human rights abuses within Australian borders."

In reality Sri Lanka has no ethnic problem though such a problem is being highlighted by interested political parties, and NGOs Like Pakiasothi Saravanamuttu who is in the pay of the notorious International Community groups working for regime change .  The Government of Sri Lanka is inviting all Communities whether minority or majority to bury their Communal differences and form a Nation of Sri Lankans  to  share the country and its laws. 

But the TNA wants the Tamil Community treated differently from the other Communities, and the hierarchy of the Muslim Community wants to introduce the Sharia Law and  mark all food items on sale with a Halaal label. 

The Sinhala Community is only asking that its historical  places should be respected , and wants the other communities to respect that which belongs to the Nation of Sri Lanka such as the Flag , National Anthem and Buddhism the religion with which Sri Lanka had been identified long before Islam and Christianity became religions.

TNA a pro terrorist political party does not trust the Government therefore it goes round the world demanding Sri Lanka to be accused for violation of human rights.  This is a breach of the Article 157 of the Constitution, but a FR case brought against the TNA for the breach of the relevant article in the Constitution was not heard by the Supreme court of Sri Lanka . 

The Honourable judge Shirani Tilakewardane before whom the case against the TNA was to be heard, did not take the trouble even to verify whether there was in fact a breach of the Constitution, but asked the Plaintiff to withdraw the case requesting him to live in peace with all communities, but the Judge Shirani Tillekewardena did not extend the same advice to the TNA the defendant. Why ?

Honourable Minister of External Affairs G.L.Pieris  in his speech to the Parliament on the debate on the impeachment of the Chief Justice had said  that TNA, “…… had some meetings with the ( USA) Department of State and one of the Members of the TNA on his return to Sri Lanka made a statement to the media. Believe it or not, it really happened. He implied that the resolution that was moved against Sri Lanka was instigated by the TNA delegation. They spoke to the State Department and they persuaded the State Department to come up with that resolution against Sri Lanka. ”

Should we still continue to tolerate the TNA as a political party   in Sri Lanka ?  Is it not high time that they  are removed from Parliament as they despite their oath of allegiance to the Constitution of Sri Lanka continue to breach the Article 157 of the Constitution ?

That is how an ethnic problem has been  created for the consumption of the  International Community to come after Sri Lanka accusing it for violation of human rights.

Now the Impeachment Motion against the Chief Justice. 

That is purely an internal affair of Sri Lanka, which involves the Constitution of Sri Lanka about which no other country has the right to tell us what to do. The Constitution is ours and we know best how to interpret it and act according to it.   Of course the matter was exceedingly exaggerated by various parties. Even the Editor of the  Island news paper with his hackneyed style of writing  has completely misunderstood the Impeachment procedure and writes editorial nonsense against the Government. 

In the Editorial of the 8th December, 2012, the Island writes, “..To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Parliament rejected out of hand notices issued by the judiciary and decided to go ahead with the PSC process without caring a damn about a recent Supreme Court recommendation that the PSC proceedings be postponed until its ruling.  So, the CJ’s pull-out from the PSC proceedings must have warmed the cockles of the hearts of those opposed to the impeachment motion……”

The Supreme Court  had nothing to do with the Impeachment Motion which is a political matter that rests with  the Parliament.  If the clarification of an article of the Constitution is necessary it should be the Parliament that should request the Supreme Court to interpret it.  A third party cannot ask the Supreme Court for the  interpretation of the Constitution for the purposes of the Parliament, therefore the Supreme Court was wrong in giving an interpretation of the relevant Article of the Constitution to the Court of Appeal, a wrong interpretation at that. 

That type of Judicial authority is not heard of. And our unconcerned International Community which does not hesitate to  put its nose where it is not necessary came all out to attack the Government of Sri Lanka listening to the naturally critical opposition political parties of Sri Lanka , the standby NGOs ready to blow the balloons, and those ever ready to attack the government of Sri Lanka without rhyme or reason .  It was not the first time, nor will  it be the last time, that  an Impeachment Motion had been or will be presented against a Chief Justice  either in the countries of the West or in Sri Lanka itself. 

Nevertheless, that was made an occasion to single out Sri Lanka as the only country in the world  that violates the independence of the Judiciary and rule of law.  Even Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu had been instigated by interested NGOs to file an action against the newly appointed Chief Justice.  How far their hatred, jealousy and pretentious pomposity  take them ?

For Sri Lanka that chapter too is over but not for the International Community. The spokeswoman for the USA State Department Victoria Nauland too pulled up the Government of Sri Lanka for not respecting the Constitution of Sri Lanka in the Impeachment Motion.   What does she know about our constitution and who the “ he.. “ is she to tell us what we should do ?  Next time it will be the telephonist at the American Embassy in Sri Lanka who will ask the President of Sri Lanka what he should do and should not do !

America already has its own problems, such as its infamous gun culture, unsettled wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, and why then  has it got to bother about Sri Lanka which has managed its affairs very well without America.   

It is not believable how the other countries try to impose their authority on Sri Lanka’s internal Affairs. Stephen Harper of Canada,  bluntly called on the Government of Sri Lanka to re-instate the Impeached Chief Justice, “We call on the government of Sri Lanka to respect the country's constitution and the independence of its judiciary and change course immediately," .  What a  crass way to address a Sovereign State ?

Then our former Coloniser the United Kingdom, who still seem to think Sri Lanka is one of its colonies stated , “The British Government is deeply concerned by the impeachment proceedings against Sri Lanka’s Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake. We share the concerns already expressed by many people in Sri Lanka over both the process and related reports of the intimidation of members of the Sri Lankan Bar Association. The motion to impeach the Chief Justice runs contrary to the clear rulings of Sri Lanka’s highest courts and the proceedings appear to contravene basic principles of fairness, due process and respect for the independence of the judiciaryand the Commonwealth Latimer House Principles.

“Together with our international partners, we call on the Sri Lankan Government to respect democratic principles and the right to peaceful protest and to ensure the continued safety of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake”

Then the International Commissions of Jurists had sent a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka stating, “ The irremovability of judges is a main pillar of judicial independence. Judges may be removed only in the most exceptional cases involving serious misconduct or incapacity. And in such exceptional circumstances, any removal process must comport with international standards of due process and fair trial, including the right to an independent review of the decision.” 

They are reacting to the  situation most absurdly  making one doubt their ability as Jurists to evaluate a problem according to legal standards.

Then again  on the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.

The USA passed a resolution at the UN Human Rights Commission, which other than being arrogant,  is the most “foolish” resolution to have come from a leading Nation like USA .  It is a shame if the President Barack Obama concedes to these absurdities of its State Department. 

Speaking about the resolution passed against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC in Geneva the USA Delegation is reported  as having   “referred to the government's "lack of action to implement the recommendations" of that commission. It described the resolution it has moved as one "that encourages Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of its own LLRC and to make concerted efforts at achieving the kind of meaningful accountability upon which lasting reconciliation efforts can be built.". 

The resolution is about the report of the Commission of the LLRC the Government of Sri Lanka itself appointed, and therefore there is no reason for USA to tell how and when we should implement the recommendations, because the people concerned are Sri Lankans. The Government of Sri Lanka  treats  all Communities as the people of Sri Lanka, and in its implementation of the report of the LLRC it has to be sure that there is no discrimination against one community or another.  It is all about the people of Sri Lanka and the USA need not tell us what  we should do with our people.

The resolution was passed with 24 countries including India voting for , 15 countries against and 8 countries abstaining .“The USA and the other 23 members of the UNHRC who voted for that resolution in 2012 believe that the government of Sri Lanka needs to fulfil its commitments made to its own people,”   

 Does the USA love our people more than we the people of Sri Lanka ?

That resolution would not have  been passed if India did not stab Sri Lanka on its back staying silent as if they were with Sri Lanka  and voting at the last moment against Sri Lanka.  The result was that the eight countries which were on the fence waiting  for India  abstained voting when they saw that India had voted with USA.  Had India voted against the Resolution it would have been lost with 24 against it.  That is how India,  Sri Lanka's great relative and friend  double crossed, Sri Lanka.  India will do it again this March,  Soniya Gandhi seems to be preparing the ground for it.

What is strange with these criticisms of Sri Lanka and all out anger against Sri Lanka demonstrated by the USA and the International Community is that, they have not really helped  Sri Lanka in its single handed effort to eliminate terrorism with which it suffered for 30 years, nor after for the infrastructure and social and economic development. 

They on the other hand hampered such developments by for instance the UE withdrawing the GSP grant for textile industry, and the USA,  which “….has refused to train several of its senior military officers, saying they were linked to credible allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

But China and Russia on the other hand gave us much needed assistance both during Sri Lanka's  war against terrorism, and afterwards contributed  considerably for Sri Lanka’s development projects.They unlike USA and the International Community  respected Sri Lanka's sovereignty and never accused it for violation of human rights or war crimes.

 Sri Lanka could not then and cannot now depend on USA and the International Community to help Sri Lanka’s development plans, but on the other hand they will continue to work for their Agenda of Regime Change and division of Sri Lanka.

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