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The Secret Why International Community will lineup against Sri Lanka in Geneva this March as usual.

There are violations of human rights, war crimes, unaccounted number of civilian deaths, by the
wars against terrorism carried out by the Armed Forces of the USA, and the Member States of the International Community. There are tribal wars in Africa, armed conflict in the countries of the Middle East where summary killings have taken place. There are violations of the human rights of low caste Indians, the aborigines of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America.

But, the State Department of USA, the UN Human Rights Commission, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International or the International Crisis Group have not passed any resolutions against any of these Countries, nor do they demand a permanent Mission in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, or Darfur.

But Why ?

Probably because these places are dusty, dirty, hot, without clean drinking water, clean accommodation, and  the people are half naked or not wearing clean garment, therefore not pleasant to be posted for service or investigations. None of these countries are  like Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a very pleasant place, people are very hospitable, it is cheap, and people in Sri Lanka  receives strangers very warmly and invite them to cocktail parties, the beaches are clean secure and enjoyable. The  ethnic problem which is   kept floating by pro terrorist TNA is  convenient, so that a foreigner posted in Sri Lanka can go to any place mix with all communities and  say nice things about the country but nevertheless pull up the government and say they will vote against the Government on USA Resolution against Sri Lanka to be presented by  USA,  like  Alistair Burt Parliamentary Under Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Office in UK said at the end of his visit. They are good powerful men though we may  wrongly assume they are utter hypocrites.

The Ministers of the Sri Lanka  Government are  always ready with a broad smile to listen to foreign diplomats and International Officials and they are well treated and even presented with gifts, even if the government is pulled up by them for violation of human rights or war crimes. 

So why should any one of the members of the International Communities or their  agencies whose hobby is looking for violation of human rights of all sorts, bother about what happens to the human rights of those living   in  those godforsaken countries, where the life is hard, nauseating and not so pleasant and enjoyable as it is  in Sri Lanka ? 

Therefore Sri Lanka is the place  to come to demand accountability for past crimes even if they were in the elimination of a ruthless group of terrorists that made the life difficult for 30 years to the people of that country- Sri Lanka

That is the reason why  they look to Sri Lanka where there is enough to keep themselves occupied interviewing TNA Mps ,Sampanthans, Pakisothy Saravanamuttus , NGOs, Tamils in Jaffna, Muslims in Colombo, Sinhalese in the South.  The International Community will not have it  better anywhere else.
 Fishermen back at work after terrorism in Northern Sri Lanka

In addition to that the terrorists in Sri Lanka were good friends of the International Community.  In those good old days when Prabhakaran was living and the terrorism was in full swing,  most of the Ambassadors, and government representatives  from the International Community coming to inquire about ethnic problems, terrorist situation  and progress of after tsunami  reconstruction work went  to Killinochchi and stayed with  Thamilselvam  and his terrorists eating lobsters and sipping cold beer. 

Even a woman member of the Monitoring Mission was said to have  been the girl friend of a terrorist one Pulendran  or such. The day she was leaving after her service with the SMM, she had insisted to go and see him before she leaves. They were therefore against a military solution to the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka, how can they promote any thing  so dangerous to their good friends !!!

They insisted on a political solution Robert Blake the then American Ambassador taking the lead.  Robert Blake went to a University in Tamil Nadu  during the height of the military offensive against the terrorists, and made a speech to say  why according to him the  Military Solution to terrorism resorted to by the Government of Sri Lanka was a wrong decision.

These Sri Lanka terrorists amassed a considerable amount of money   collecting well over millions of dollars every month from the expatriate Tamils.  They had bought Ships, planes and modern military and communication material;  some even  donated  by the Embassy of Netherland . 

After the elimination of the terrorists this considerable sum of  money is in the hands of the  terrorist front agencies of the Tamil expatriates.  They have now even set up a Transitional Government of Tamil Eelam, and a Global Tamil Forum.

They are continuing to collect funds from the expatriate Tamils. The huge sums of money coming into their hands are not sent to Sri Lanka for the benefit of the Tamils who suffered under terrorism, but that money is being distributed freely  in the West amoung  Western politicians, the media, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Crisis Group, to campaign against the Government of Sri Lanka with the intention of setting up a Tamil Eelam State in  Sri Lanka.

They had even formed a group called the Tamils for Obama which had generously contributed to the President Barrack Obama’s election campaigns. 
 See Copy oif their letter to Obama below

Therefore American State Department takes advice  from the pro terrorist Tamil expatriates, even though none of them had visited Sri Lanka and  have first hand information  about Sri Lanka under  terrorism or Sri Lanka after  terrorism.

The Assistant Secretary of the State Department  for South and Central  Asian  Robert Blake - the friend of the  former Sri Lanka Terrorists  promotes the anti Sri Lanka government moves as a revenge for resorting to a Military Solution against terrorism,  against his advice.  He is supposed to be consulting  Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Jehan Perera and Ganeshan  among other anti government NGOs.

There is unlimited billions of Dollars available  with the anti-Sri Lanka  pro Terrorist Tamil Expatriate Front Agencies .

With that they Bribe Western Ministers, Senators, the Western Security Forces and thus are able to wave the Sri Lanka terrorist flag in any of the manifestations in UK, Canada, USA, Australia etc., with complete impunity despite the fact that  the LTTE is a banned terrorist  Group in all these countries.

This time in March, 2013,  their money will start flowing in Geneva , and the countries  in the West will plan their anti Sri Lanka Campaign.  UK TV Channel 4 is according to information already in the process of preparing their  false documentaries, with “doctored” photos of Army Soldiers shooting at seated blindfolded terrorist prisoners !!!

It is the smell of this  Blood Money of  the   Sri Lanka Terrorist that draws even head of states in some countries like Canada,  Desmond Tutu in South Africa,  and enable USA to draw up another resolution against Sri Lanka with the assurance of votes from a good number of States drawn by the “smell of blood money”.

This is the secret why Sri Lanka is a popular “playing field” for the Canadians, Australians, UK, USA and their Agencies the UK Channel 4, Navi Pillai, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, the media Colombo Telegraph, etc. to put up their tents and plan miseries for Sri Lanka, as if it is the only country in the world that  had violated human rights in eliminating terrorism.


Re: Your Victory, and Our Part in It
November 14. 2012
President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your re-election.  We are delighted and we feel rewarded.
During the campaign season we raised funds for your campaign; we polled opinion among Tamil Americans (95% preferred you), and distributed this result in the battleground states (all the major networks reported it on their websites); our Tamil American friends, working with your campaign, worked at phone banks in the days leading up to the election; We made and distributed two not-so-obviously-partisan videos. The links to these videos can be seen at these locations.
We hope to see  an independent Tamil homeland--Tamil Eelam—emerge in northeastern Sri Lanka. We hope that you and your next secretary of state will have an active part in helping Tamil Eelam to be born.

Thank you.


Tamils for Obama

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