Friday, 21 June 2013

Why this delay taking action on 13 Amendment ?

We  learnt that the JHU presented a Bill on the removal of the 13 Amendement.  We also learnt that a cabinet decision had been taken with regard to removal of certain clauses in the Amendment without really removing it, and that a PSC is to decide what further changes should be made to the controversial and down right undemocratic 13 Amendment.  Undemocratic because it was  forced on the people of Sri Lanka , making the 13Amendment not of the people, not by the people and not for the people.

The 13 Amendment was forced into the Constitution of Sri Lanka at the behest of an unfriendly thug of a neighbour to benefit a section of the population ignoring the rest. The Provincial Council System that came into being  with the  13 Amendment based on a foreign model and written by  people of a  foreign  culture, does not fit into Sri Lanka’s Constitution. 

The Members of the PCs  established under the 13 Amendment have lost their simplicity and  Buddhist and Sri Lankan characteristics , becoming a political creed strange to the culture and the environment.  The earlier we scrap the 13 Amendment better it would be for Sri Lanka and its people as a whole. The President , however, seems to think that the PC System is not bad and changing it cannot be done in a hurry.  There is more than enough evidence that the PC system has not served the purpose of regional administration.

India is definitely taking “orders” from the State Department of USA, and   Hillary Clinton had personally met Jayalalitha.  Hillary Clinton did not visit  Sri Lanka, which she should have done if she was a good  Secretary of  State with  political acumen., and not pompous and pretentious.  Hence we cannot depend on India to help us solve our political problems though our political leadership act in the interest of Central government of India in its effort to keep TamilNadu within its fold.
A Dalit Family in India
India so concerned about Tamils in Sri Lanka does not seem to be bothered about the most inhuman condition of living of the 16.2 per cent
High Caste  attacked Dalit family home
of the  Dalit population in India. What is India’s solution  to Dalits who have no “ human ” existence, having minimum of modern facilities, living in fear of rape of women and  most mean treatment met out to the males by the upper caste goons ?  

The  government of Sri Lanka on the other hand makes no difference of the lower or higher caste Tamils in  Sri Lanka.  They are provided with the same rights and priviledges of the rest of the population.

But yet it is the TNA MPs who are said to be  of the priviledged  higher caste who do not extend to the Tamils of Lower caste the same respect and consideration that they show to the high caste Tamils, but force the lower caste Tamils to vote for  them lording their caste priviledge before them- the low caste Tamils.

India has to look after its own affairs and let Sri Lanka look after its own. Therefore,  Sri Lanka is  not answerable  to India for what it has to do with the 13 Amendment.  Sri Lanka is no more in the same position it was  in 1987.  Sri Lanka is a developing country which is marching forward and every thing that would be an impediment to that march forward to progress and  development  of Sri Lanka and its people has to be set aside forthwith as Sri Lanka had been overlooking that necessity far too long.

The sittings  of the PSC are not still scheduled.  The President speaking at a press conference has said , “…the PSC, which will soon be appointed, would be the forum for all parties to air their views on the 13A.” but not specified  when the appointments would be made and when the sittings will commence.  However, it has been announced that the Speaker of the Parliament has appointed 19 members to the PSC but the nominations by the opposition have not been received as yet.  

If the urgent Bill the government is proposing to present to the Parliament is to remove the right of the President to merge two provinces , it is not that Urgent. In September the government is proposing to have  only the  PC elections and not Presidential election, therefore  if the proposal is only a modification to the 13Amendment then what is urgent is the removal of  police and land powers.

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