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DEW Gunasekara, Tissa Vitharana, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Reginald Cooray and Rajitha Senaratne in support of 13Amendment.

Vasudeva Nanayakkara, DEW Gunasekara and Tissa Vitarana at Socialist Alliance May Day stage 
It is a shame to see these Senior Ministers of the Government of the  left and the old UNP defending the 13A.  LSSP always fought for loss causes without gaining any thing in return.  Dew Gunasekara spoke of their canvassing Jaffna for elections, which they said proudly that the JVP and the JHU were unable to do. But they did not say that though they stood for both  Communities neither the Tamils in Jaffna nor the Estate Tamils supported them at elections. Only in 1956 CP had one candidate  P. Kandiah elected from a constituency in Point Pedro.  That was an exception, nothing to cry to high heavens about.  They were never supported by the Tamils in the North and later they were shunned in the South as well.

The  leftist Ministers should realise that if they had been  more intelligent and supported other parties without being self seeking the situation of the LSSP  political movement would have been different.  In an article tracing the History of the Left movement  Leslie Gunawadhane wrote,
“…The question may well be asked as to what the position would have been if the LSSP had joined the MEP in 1956 in putting forward the demand for Sinhala Only. There is little doubt that the LSSP would have played a leading role in the movement for Sinhala Only. It is also very likely that the position of the Left in general and of the LSSP in particular would have been much stronger today among the Sinhalese masses. Also the position of the SLFP would have been significantly weaker. However, it is a moot question how much closer Sri Lanka would have been to socialism.”

In the same article Leslie Gunawardhana prophetically wrote, “….., the movement for a separate state has grown with leaps and bounds among the Tamils of the North. The situation may develop to a point when it is only Sinhalese domination by military rule in the North that will be able to preserve the unity of the country. And even such a unity maintained by force may not be able to continue for long if an imperialist power decides in its own interest to back the movement for secession by a supply of military aid.”

Rajitha Senaratne is with one foot in the Government  and with the other foot still awaiting a chance to step out into his former fold with whom he will be more at home.  Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Tissa Vitharana, Dew Gunasekara and Reginald Cooray are waging a war against the JHU, JVP and Wimal Weerawansa to have a greater say within the cabinet of the President Mahinda Rajapakse..

DEW Gunasekara seems to be in  a secret pact with the TNA going all out to retain the 13 A knowing very  well that it has no place in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  DEW Gunasekara says that there is a silent majority in the government who wants to retain the 13Amendment at all cost.

It may be so as the PCs are jammed with  relatives and political henchmen  of the Ministers and SLFP supporters, some of them of doubtful character, and a “gold mine” for others, making money by sale of  Timber, shifting of sand from river beds, offering contracts  for transport, supply of material etc. to different road construction projects.  They may not like the PC System coming to an end with the removal of the 13 Amendment for their own personal reasons.

DEW Gunasekara should be sure even if he finds a silent majority  in the Government in support of the 13Amendment, the mass of the people are against it, and the LSSP and CP will be despised by the people as the they were despised both by the Tamils and the Sinhala in the past.  In 1946 LSSP voted against the Bill for disenfranchisement  of plantation workers and earned the wrath of the Sinhala, and the Plantation Workers who  in their turn preferred the Indian Tamil Congress of Thondaman to LSSP.

It was reported  that DEW Gunasekara  had given  a new respectability to the India enforced 13 Amendment.  “..Speaking on the argument relating to the Indian involvement in the making of the 13th Amendment, Minister D.E.W Gunasekara said the Indo Lanka accord was a culmination of debates that began in the 1920’s and rejected the notion that it was forced upon the country by India.” 

He must be dreaming. This man should not continue to be a Minister of the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse. 

It was reported recently in an Internet gmail forum that Rajiv Ghandhi when he came to sign the India Lanka pact with the President JR Jayawardhana , he had already selected a man to be the Governor of Sri Lanka in case JR Jayawardhana refused to sign the  Pact and had arranged to have the Indian Army flown in  to Sri Lanka. 

These  four are naïve politicians with no foresight of what anti Sri Lanka forces are capable of doing to Sri Lanka.  They are only inviting intervention for foreign forces  to break away Sri Lanka perhaps to prove to Wimal Weerawansa, JHU, and  JVP what would happen if the 13 Amendment is removed.

Reginald Cooray too does not speak for the people as they do not care what the mass of the people of Sri Lanka think of the 13 Amendment.  They are taken up by their own selfish motives to even go against the people of the country  if they can teach a lesson to Wimal Weerawansa, JHU, and JVP.

Reginald Cooray had said , “With the end of the war there was euphoria all around and everyone ignored the root of the problem moving away from the need to address the political problem. Racism, extremis, and the tribal mentality is the best tape to be playing and is the oldest tape that has been played. We have to learn from our past mistakes.”

Reginald Cooray speaks as a politician well versed in International Politics and  had said “ Citing international examples, Cooray said that every nation which had diverse populations and cultures had devolved power enabling them to become powerful nations.
“These heroes who scream against the international community within this country don’t know an atom about how political systems work. Every country in this world has devolved power to a certain extent and that is a must,”

But Reginald Cooray has failed to say which  are the countries in the world that have devolved power to the minorities.  Reginald Cooray thinks the people are gullible to swallow every thing he says.   But he does not realise what is at stake is a worse situation, which is a possible setting up of a Eelam State if the 13 Amendment is allowed to remain in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

The four misled politicians of the left and the exUNP Rajitha Seanaratne say that they want the country to go forward , but little they realise that they are the one’s that are  being  barriers to the forward march of the country.

The LSSP and the CP are in a process of slow death and perhaps their support of the 13Amendment will  see their final demise.

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