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Remove 13A-Lock, Stock and Barrel - People should know why President hesitates.

Is it a sign language or an infection
 The President is respected  by the people of Sri Lanka. Therefore, he has a right to keep the people informed without hiding any thing from them. The 13 Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka must be removed lock,stock and barrel, without leaving any trace of it remaining in the Constitution.

It was a “desecration” of the Constitution of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka, by a manipulating Indian Government.  At the time there was no alternative left for the then President J.R.Jayawardhane other than to give into the pressure of India, with terrorism remaining the main threat, and the friend on whom he heavily depended for support, the  USA dropping him off like a hot brick,  at a time he  needed his friend the USA most.

It was a case of  accepting the proposal made by India to adopt the 13A to the Constitution or allow terrorism to continue undeterred protected by India which would have kept its armed forces ready in case Sri Lanka attacks the terrorists. 

The proposal had been accepted by the President of Sri Lanka under duress.  Therefore, legally the document they signed accepting the inclusion of 13A into the Sri Lanka Constitution is not valid, and therefore null and void.

If despite that the President having a two third majority in Parliament hesitates to remove it. He is  making all efforts to keep the 13 Amendment removing only some still unspecified  powers given to the Provincial Councils under the 13th Amendment. He consults all  political parties. He even asks the TNA which is openly defying the authority of the President , the Constitution and the Parliament to participate in the PSC along with the other Political parties to decide on the 13 Amendment. There must be some  reason for the President to do so.

If so, the majority of the people who wants the 13A removed completely from the Constitution of Sri Lanka,  has a right to know why the President hesitates to take such a decision himself.  He could perhaps do so  using his Executive powers and face the consequences as he did in the case of his determination to carry out military operations against the terrorists until they were completely eliminated.

More time the President takes to take a decision, more and more international trouble shooters will pop up to stop the President carry out his duties towards his people. India our enemy number one is already on the war path, inviting the TNA the terrorists in civil to discus the implementation of the 13 Amendment. 

DBS Jeyaraj accentuate the Indian Prime Minister’s displeasure on the proposal to remove land and police powers from the 13A.  Jehan Perera the pro-terrorist NGO begins his article  with the blessings of The Island’s Sahabandu. Sarawanbavan the TNA MP informs that India has sought an urgent meeting with the TNA on the 13 Amendment.

Not only the Tamil Diaspora and the Western anti Sri Lanka players but also the Sri Lanka NGO funded goons are on the war path against the removal of the 13Amendment. It is time that the President takes a positive decision.

It appears that there should not be any difficulty in rescinding the India Sri Lanka Pact from what the  DMDK founder and Leader of Opposition in the Tamil Nadu assembly A. Vijayakantin  has said in a statement to Yahaoo News of the 11 June,2013 in reference to the 1974 agreement with which India transferred Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka:

 “ As circumstances change and unforeseen hardship is caused, it is quite natural for any treaty to be reviewed and altered if necessary,"   So why not the India Sri Lanka Pact ?

India cannot also wash its hands off  its responsibility of the thousands of civilians and Army personal who lost their lives between 1987 and May,2009, since the India Sri Lanka Pact was forced on the then  President of Sri Lanka. In intervening by trespassing into the Air Space of Sri Lanka to save the terrorists by dropping packets of lentils and forcing the government to enter into a pact, India has   committed herself, committed to the very hilt to account  for  aiding and  abetting  terrorism in Sri Lanka.

This is the very India which refused transport to thousands of Sri Lanka Soldiers in Jaffna besieged by the terrorists that in 1987 forced the Sri Lanka Armed forces to stop a winning war against the terrorists.   In doing so India gave a life line to the terrorists to continue its massacres  from 1987 to 2009.

If not for India’s intervention, forcing itself into the air space of Sri Lanka, thousands of lives would have been saved from terrorism, and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces may have eliminated terrorism in 1987 itself. India which now dictates terms to Sri Lanka to implement the 13Amendment  is as responsible as the terrorists for the deaths of those thousands of Civilians and the Army Personal in Sri Lanka. 

Though India is our close neighbour  and pronounces incessantly its close connection with Sri Lank and its special relationship with the Island it cannot be ruled out that India is secretly working in close collaboration with  America and other anti Sri Lanka, to divide the Island allowing USA to have a Military Base in Trincomalee.

“India desperately planning to divide Sri Lanka” wrote Ashraf Javed Lahore on 22  March, 2011, in an article to  the Nation,  and added , “ In a desperate move to assert its hegemony in South Asia, India is covertly planning to divide Sri Lanka in order to teach a lesson to the well-educated island nation for looking towards China for leadership and guidance, it has been reliably learnt on Monday. WikiLeaks cable also exposed New Delhis designs to divide Sri Lankan by creating ethnic and sectarian strife among its people. With reference to Sri Lanka, India has stepped up work on three-pronged strategy; divide the overall population, support militant groups which are loyal to India and urge international powers to press Colombo on war crimes, a Sri Lanka-based defense analyst (not Sri Lankan) told this report by phone.”

The President Mahinda Rajapakse should not hesitate to remove the 13 Amendment from the Constitution completely, and pass new legislation for a more workable and a progressive system of regional administration.  If he has any impediments against such a decision the President should inform the people.  It is the President’s duty to the people who elected him to the high Office.

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