Thursday, 13 June 2013

TNA MPs are brainless slaves without minds of their own, even frightened to participate in the PSC.

Leader without leadership
The TNA MPs began life in 2001  as slaves of the Terrorist Prabhakaran.  They did not have to think, but do what the terrorist Thamilchelvam and Prabhakaran asked them to do.  As a result they are today a set of  morons unable to think  for themselves without  having to consult others to tell them what they should do.  It is a shame to have them in Parliament as representatives of people as in reality they represent no one, not even themselves.

What can they do  in a National Forum like the Parliament where they have to plan things for the people and  the country.  They are unable to do that, and  do only things they have learnt from their evil masters the terrorist.  TNA MPs cannot speak about unity , because their masters the terrorists stood for division.  TNA MPs cannot speak about development, because their masters the terrorist stood for  regression. TNA MPs cannot work to take the country and its people forward, because their masters the terrorists stood for taking the people and the country backward.

Therefore, why bother about asking TNA MPs about the 13 Amendment , as they know next to nothing about it and their masters the terrorists having been eliminated they seek those who helped their masters to take orders and understand about the 13 Amendment. 

The President  Mahinda Rajapakse instead of asking these  set of dummies the TNA MPs  their views on the abolition of the 13Amendment, should take his own decision as the executive President, and face the consequences without a 13 Amendment the best way possible, facing any problems  as and when  they arise.  If not we will remain for years encumbered with the  13Amendment which we do not want,  and which will cause more problems as time goes on.  13A is something which could have been nipped in the bud  which  now requires an axe, and more.

What have the TNA MPs done ever since the elimination of terrorism ? They have been running about from India to South Africa, from South Africa to Canada, Canada to UK, and from UK back to India asking them to help them set up a separate Eelam State. 

Sampanthan speaking to the Foreign Press had said the Tamil people will not return to violence.  Then he say  but who knows. He says that they did not create LTTE .  Of course it was the LTTE that created TNA.
He takes himself  for Prabhakaran
The TNA MPs cannot speak in one voice.  They are divided and Sampanthan cannot profess to speak for the rest of the TNA MPs.  TNA MPs can speak only about  devolution of power, an undefined ethnic issue, undiluted 13Amendment, police and land power to PCs. Other than that they know nothing about the Communal Unity, peoples desire for peace , inter communal relations, etc. 

What have the TNA MPs really done since they were organised in to a political party  by the terrorists to be their spokesmen in the Parliament and forced the Tamil people in the North and East to vote for them at the 2001 election ? They have done nothing progressive or positive other than carrying the torch of terrorism in to the Parliamentary politics, and carrying a negative image of Sri Lanka as  violating the rights of the minorities in to the outside world.  They have not organised any new project  for the Tamil people , but has laid barriers to the Government in its work for the betterment of the Tamil people.

Today a serious matter with regard to the interference of India into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs is to be discussed and the necessity to remove the  13 Amendment, which  remains a scar in the Constitution of Sri Lanka  subjugating Sri Lanka’s sovereignty  to India, is demanded by the people, and the MPs of the TNA instead of being with the government to discuss the matter is out in India discussing the subject with India.  TNA MPs who were the spokesmen for the terrorists in the Parliament then , are today the spokesmen for India in the Parliament of Sri Lanka.
TNA slave MPs with their  New Master Manmoan Singh Indian PM
It is time that a Supreme court Judgment is requested through legal means to disband TNA as a political party, as it is openly in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka. If the President does not ignore them and go ahead with the removal of the 13A  from the Constitution in the interest of the country and the reconciliation of the Communities, it would be subjugating  Presidential authority to whims and fancies of trouble shooters, and nincompoops.

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