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Remove 13 Amendment to stop India interfering into internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

Signing Indo Lanka Pact  29 July 1987

 Sri Lanka, despites its Independence in 1948, despite its breaking away from Colonial values in 1956, despite its single handed military operations against a ruthless group of terrorists and eliminating them, despite the new diplomatic relations and considerable development of the Island within 5 years after elimination of terrorism, is having its  Sovereignty  damaged by incessant interference of India over the Tamil issue having an indirect control over Sri Lanka because of the India Sri Lanka Pact under which a nefarious Amendment was forced into our constitution holding the then president under duress.
The day before Indo Lanka Pact was signed Rajiv with Prabhakaran TN Minister Panruti and Balasingham
The 13Amendment with its beginning in India is the only handle India has to dictate terms to Sri Lanka.  TNA the proxi terrorist party too gets revitalised through the 13Amendment to cross the border to meet its diaspora sponsors to championing the cause of Rudrakumaran and Father Emmanuel’s Global Tamil Forum  to divide Sri Lanka. 
Rajiv Gandhi moments before he was assassinated
America too uses the 13Amendment to activate the TamilNadu against Sri Lanka and  ensure India performs  the role it had been allocated by USA to disrupt Sri Lanka’s unitary status.  A divided Sri Lanka would allow America to have a military base in Trincomalee to check the progress of China into the Indian Ocean.

Therefore the way to keep away these anti Sri Lanka forces is to withdraw the  13 Amendment  which would paralyze their anti Sri Lanka Activities.  
Prabhakaran with TN Chief Minister M.G.Ramachandran

 It is the 13 Amendment which makes the unpatriotic separatist Tamil M.A.Sumanthiran of the TNA dare say to The Indian Express:
“ India should take “measures” to ensure that the Sri Lankan government does not succeed in robbing provincial councils of certain powers under the 13th amendment and that they, hope that India will take measures to arrest the trend and reverse the process and hold Sri Lanka to its word (of going beyond the 13th amendment)”

And to add insult to injury the Indian External Affairs Ministry has issued a statement that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was “dismayed” at the Mahinda Rajapaksa government for trying to remove key powers of the provincial councils just before elections to the Tamil-majority northern provincial council in September “, and added that, “..such proposals raised “doubts” about the commitment made by the Sri Lankan government to India and international community of reaching a political settlement that would go beyond the 13th amendment.”
Prabhakaran with Norway  Foreign Minister Jan Peterson in Killinochchci

How could India dare address such a statement vis à vis  Sri Lanka’s internal administration if not for the “handle’ the 13 Amendment  ?  India in reprimanding Sri Lanka invokes the intervention of the International Community.  The statement the President Mahinda Rajapakse is supposed to have made  about a political settlement that would go beyond the 13 Amendment could mean any thing, but that he will introduce the 13 Amendment fully and add some more privileges above and beyond what had been specified in the 13 Amendment. That is a misunderstanding by India and often repeated by the unpatriotic separatist proxi terrorist TNA MPs

Apparently UNP has asked for two weeks delay to nominate its members to the PSC and the TNA has not responded.  If the Government were to wait for them to nominate their participating members to hold the PSC it may take a long time, perhaps  even after the proposed PC elections in September.
Resorting to a delaying tactic is the possible way to stop the Parliamentary action against the removal of the 13Amendment, or passing an Amendment to reduce its effect.  The Government should therefore issue a final notice to UNP and TNA  giving them a day for the nomination of their members, after which the government should go ahead with the PSC sittings.

If the Government keeps on hesitating, next it will be Ban Ki Moon and Navineetham Pillai who will come into the seen followed by the Amnesty International , Human Rights Watch,  the International Crisis Group, and the American State Department with the “big mouthed” Robert O’Blake. 
If as usual the Government and the SLFP talks without taking action to make the issue urgent, it will be all talk without action.  

 Hence the Government should provide  means to go ahead with the repeal of the 13 Amendment  without any further delay.
On the departure of Rajiv Gandhi after signing the India Lanka Pact he was attacked by a soldier Vijithamuni Rohana de Silva a soldier on guard of Honour on 30 July,1987

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